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About Us

Wearing your heart on your sleeve
Hi, I’m Gracia, a proud mamma raising two tiny cubs of my own and step mom to two tweens in the city of Mississauga, Ontario. Like any parent, my mission is to ensure that my little ones grow into confident, happy, and emotionally intelligent people.

My adventure started when I made a top for my little boy and placed a heart on its sleeve. He loved it! It was my little gift to him, and having him wear a heart on his sleeve inspired me to create a line where kids can wear their emotions. After that, I started sourcing resources, putting ideas together, and selling out similar tops I made for my boy. I was amazed by the number of sales made, and eventually, I turned it into a business.

Thank you for shopping and supporting this mum-run business.
Our Mission

Confident Cubs exist out of a fierce desire for my kids to find self-acceptance and build self-esteem so that they can go out into the big wild world and be whoever they want to be. If that’s what you want for yours, Confident Cubs is a perfect fit for your family.

Our goal at Confident Cubs is to create a bold world. A world where adventures never end. A world where kids can pick something that suits their styles and emotions. A world where kids can express themselves effortlessly.

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Purchase with Purpose: Mental Health Awareness

We often hear people speaking about the mental health of adults, but what about our kids? You might be surprised to know that mental health challenges affect about 1 in 10 children. This includes depression, anxiety, and dysfunctional behavior, which is often a response to them attempting to process what happens in their lives.

As a mom, I understand the concerns of our kids’ mental wellbeing, and I want to help kids develop into emotionally and mentally capable individuals. That’s why after selling my first Heart To Sleeve collection, a portion of the money made was donated to Children’s Mental Health Ontario (CMHO).

Confident Cubs is dedicated to helping raise awareness about the importance of children’s wellbeing and mental health. Therefore, a portion of all proceeds from every purchase will be donated to Children’s Mental Health Ontario (CMHO).