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Meet Gracia, Founder of Confident Cubs

Hi, I’m Gracia, a Canadian mamma raising two tiny cubs of my own and step-mom to two tweens. Like any parent, my mission is to ensure that my little ones grow into confident, happy, and emotionally intelligent people.

My adventure started when I made a top for my little boy and placed a heart on its sleeve. He loved it! It was my little gift to him, and having him wear a heart on his sleeve inspired me to create a line where kids can wear their emotions. After that, I started sourcing resources, putting ideas together, and selling out similar tops I made for my boy. I was amazed by the number of sales made, and I donated proceeds to Children's Mental Health Ontario (CMHO). I saw how other parents wanted to give the same gift to their cubs, envisioning them succeeding and not being afraid to express themselves, stepping into their power and standing up for what’s right. This eventually sparked my passion, turning it into a business.

Thank you for shopping and supporting this mum-run business.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to creating fun, unique clothing items of the highest quality for all children between the ages of two to seven.

Your Kids: Brave and Bold

Wearing your heart on your sleeve!

It started with a simple long sleeve top adorned with a homemade heart on its sleeve as a way for a mom to impress the importance of self-love to her small son. After one month, and 70 shirts made for other parents wanting to give their children the same gift, she knew she created something special, and Confident Cubs was born.

Clothing has been used as a form of creative expression for centuries. Confident Cubs is here to keep that tradition going and give children from ages 2 to 7 cool, comfortable clothing that allows them to express themselves. Children are their own people, we want to give little ones a sense of self, so they know who they are and become what they want.


There’s always a why behind everything we do. Confident Cubs stands for solid values. We are on the children’s side, and we stand for integrity, boldness, passion, truth, honesty, and accountability.

At Confident Cubs, we are only at the beginning of our journey, and we keep getting better at what we do. Explore and shop our catalogue of outfits that give children confidence when worn.